E3 2011 Coincides With Apple WWDC: Where You At?

With just a matter of days until the commencement of gaming conference E3 2011 and WWDC, its a job to know what will come out of both events. Rumors have been rife over the last few weeks, well in fact months as to what will take center stage at both, will it be news of the next generation iPhone 5 or turning our thoughts to E3, will it be Microsoft’s Kinect Centric, the Wii 2, Sony’s NGP or even news of the PS4? Until that time all we can do is speculate.

For many gaming enthusiasts around the world, yearly event E3 represents a time when we can delve into what the future holds in terms of devices, but this time it will coincide with the much awaited WWDC. So our question to you is where will you be, or if not there in person, what news are you hoping to hear?

Rumors surrounding E3 have been more prevalent as of late due to Sony’s PSN outage which over the last 2 or so weeks, is gradually getting back to normal, although many gamers have been left with a bad taste in their mouths. We have asked if whether this is a good time for giants Sony to bring out any new devices particularly that of the PS4, as it stands, the PS3 brand may need to be built back up?

If we focus our attention on E3 for just one moment, we do know that Microsoft will kick off their speech on June 6th at 9.30 am PST at the USC Galen Center, whilst Apple’s WWDC will commence at 10 am PST at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

There is news today from our very own Tim here at OSM, who has reported that the WWDC will be software based as oppose to the iPhone model(s). Along with this there has been mention of iOS 5 being shown along with news of Mac OS X Lion. According to AppleInsider, Apple’s very own CEO Steve Jobs will be present on stage to kick off the event.

Tell us where your attention lies? Is it indeed at E3 or Apple’s WWDC? Is there anything at either conference that you are desperately hoping to see?