CoD MW3: Elite Facebook Service Starts Summer Via Public Beta

There will be many gamers today, pleased to learn that Activision will now be expanding their social gaming platform with the addition “Call of Duty Elite.” As the majority of you will be aware, the Call of Duty titles exceed many others but will the news of a subscription service that will be “part free” and “part payment” appeal to you?

The new service which we know some of you have been patiently waiting for, will be available in the summer as a public beta version with as Pocketlint reported, an official launch on 8th November, coincidentally the same time as Modern Warfare 3 will release. Users to the new Elite will benefit from multiplayer stats, downloadable content and of course interaction with other players. Gamers will be able to share films, weapons, maps which can be accessed via mobile phones, PC or tablet devices.

As we mentioned the service will work on two elements, the collaboration of Facebook interactions will be free, with game stats and DLC being the part that will cost and whilst on the subject of this, no official word has come through as to what Activision will be charging. Many have commented that $5 a month is more than enough to pay, what are your thoughts?

At a press conference recently, reported that Director of Call of Duty’s European Digital Marketing “Mark Cox” said, “Elite was built from the ground up to change the way our customers experience multiplayer in all current and future Call of Duty games. We’re bringing a new level of social and community interaction to the franchise.”

Check out the embedded video below (age restricted) courtesy of YouTube and give us your thoughts? Have you been waiting for the new Elite service?