Apple MacBook Air Limited Supplies: New 2011 Refresh Closer

We’ve been very interested in developments and news about the new MacBook Air 2011 and we, along with many other tech sites, have been reporting on the likelihood of new models very soon. Yesterday we told about Apple price cuts on the current Air and today we have news of limited supplies meaning the release of the refresh looks closer.

Firstly as regards to price cuts it seems that Apple is not the only source of a cheaper MacBook Air as we now hear from Mark Gurman over on 9to5Mac that Best Buy has also dropped its price. Best Buy is now selling the base model 11-inch Air beginning at $938. As we noted yesterday this is sure to be a good sign as price cuts for Apple products only usually take place when new models are imminent.

On top of this Gurman also reports on various global sources that have said that supplies, along with shipments of the current MacBook Airs, are now constrained. We usually see these supply limitations just before updated versions of Apple products are released so if you’re thinking of purchasing a MacBook Air we’d suggest holding off for now. Arnold Kim over on MacRumors also reports on the constrained supplies and price cuts but suggests that price drops may simply be due to low demand for MacBook Airs at present, although we do think it’s more likely to point to clearing out old stock ready for newer models.

We’ve already brought you articles on suggested pricing and features for the new MacBook Air line and also rumors of firstly Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and then more recently whispers of an A5 processor so hit the links if you want to see more on those aspects.

One thing we’re pretty sure of is that the upgraded MacBook Air will have the new Thunderbolt port that many are hoping for. Are you waiting for the next MacBook Air? Were you thinking of purchasing one recently but are holding off in case the refresh arrives shortly? Let us know with your comments.

  • Will Botha

    Was going to buy a 11inch Macbook Air base model just about now, but have done some research and see that it would be worth waiting to see what the refresh will look like.

    Things I would like: Firstly: better processor (1.4core duo seems pretty slow), Secondly: 4gb RAM base, just like the Pros, Thirdly: Lit-up keypad (friend has the current Macbook Air and it really does need this feature, cant use that much extra battery, and when you are in a dark place you are probably at home in bed or infront of a movie, who needs 5hours of battery then? Chuck it into the power if it starts to run low because of litup keypad suck)

    Those three things are all I really want and if the base model 11inch has all those, I will buy immediately no matter the price.

    Thunderbolt: whatever, if it turns out to be good then I guess a port would be nice.

    Extra SSD space: I dont need, 64GB is enough for this ultra-portable word-processing, internet-surfing, email-acquiring beast

    HD cam: mmmm cbfed, the camera is fine

    non-reflective screen: the screen on the current MBA is fine…have played with it for hours, doesnt need the matte screen or whatever

    More pixels: the screen already has a massive pixel count and at my age my eyes are fine I dont need to get too close to see them pixels

    Can someone explain to me whether Sandy Bridge will be used or if A5 chips will be used, and what is the difference between these sorts of processors…Im not good with computers and would like to know more?

    Please correct me on any above mistakes, I have only really taken an interest in computers recently, and trying to learn more. Currently have a Sony VAIO something or other, 1gb RAM and 2ghz something processor, and it is starting to lag behind. All I need a laptop for is word documents, internet, online lecture streams, I dont ever edit a video, or do photoshop or any of that. I just want a really fast laptop for the things I need it for, and with SSD the macair is amazing with startup and opening up apps etc….love Mac cant believe I havent got one earlier!