Another Facebook Scam: The World Funniest Condom Commercial

We at OSM have been regularly reporting on some of the things on Facebook that you should be aware of that you perhaps don’t know about or haven’t been told of. At the moment despite Facebook’s best efforts there’s still a lot of it getting through so we want to raise awareness of it.

Recent reports that we have compiled include the apparent addition of the Dislike button, the Amazing Effect – Web Camera scam and the HCG diet that Mike Smith of OSM picked up on. Now we have another one to talk to you about, that’s right another Facebook scam! This one is titled The World Funniest Condom Commercial – LOL. There’s no typo on our part in that title either which is a good way of knowing straight away that there’s something fishy about it.

This is another Like-Jacking style scam that is aimed at men really when you look at the image and what the title of the post is. Once you have clicked on the page you are directed to what looks like a video where they have the perfect opportunity for some user input.

As soon as you click on the play button you are in the process of hitting all your Facebook friends with a massive heap of spam and spreading the same stuff that you were hit with. The scam isn’t finished with you yet either, oh no… It will then take you to part 2 of the scam asking to you to complete a survey to get a $1,000 Walmart gift card or a free gift. If you have already added your details in the scam then we would recommend keeping a close eye on things for a while to make sure you don’t come to any harm from this.

Now we would like to help you in your quest to get rid of what you have now unintentionally “Liked” and clean up your feed so for some easy instructions head over to a guide that we wrote earlier. Thanks to the guys at for making us aware of this threat and now we would like to ask you readers to help stop the spread and raise awareness of this scam by sharing this article with your friends.

Have you already been caught out by this scam? Have you seen it floating around like a bad smell? Let us know in the comment section below.