Angry Birds Magic: Unlock & Share New Levels With NFC

With all of the hype surrounding NFC this week, we have attempted to keep you informed on stories like the Android release and the lawsuit filed by PayPal claiming that Google stole their idea. We now have some more cheerful news as NFC is being used as a new feature in the upcoming Angry Birds Magic game.

As far as we know, Magic will come pre-loaded on the Nokia C7, and requires you to meet up with fellow owners and use the scanning properties of the phone to unlock and share new levels with each other, according to Electric Pig. This may be difficult here in the UK as we are generally a very shy nation and find it hard to talk to each other on the bus, let alone to stop one another in the street and pluck up the courage to trade levels on Angry Birds.

The most likely option is that you will be sharing new levels with your buddies, but they also need a Nokia C7 phone and those chances may be slim. It seems a very good idea to include NFC into games as well as using it as a means of payment. Whether it will be a success remains to be seen, as NFC is yet to be introduced worldwide. You can see how the NFC works with Angry Birds in the video we have embedded for you below.

It is inevitable that Angry Birds Magic will be available for download on other NFC enabled smartphones, but for the time being it looks like it is only on the Nokia C7. Geeky Gadgets has reported that Rovio are yet to announce any release date so it looks as if we will have to wait and see. Will you use the social side of NFC on your new smartphone? Let us know your thoughts on Angry Birds Magic and if you think it will be a success.

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    Makes the Angry Birds more interesting. Increasing competition is opening war between the companies and they are filling lawsuits against each other.