Android & iOS Lose 1% Of Their US Smartphone Market Share

Android and iOS continue to be the most popular operating systems in the world; however both have had a slight blip over in the US, losing 1% of the dominating market shares between February and April.

According to Nick Marshall over on Electric Pig, Android remains the top operating system in the US with a 36% share, whilst iOS is further down with 26%. The slight decrease is nothing for Google and Apple to get worked up about, but you really expected their market shares to go nowhere but upwards. With the release of smartphone’s like the HTC Sensation and the future iPhone 5, I have no doubt the shares will rise again. We found out today that Android makes more money for Microsoft than Windows Phone 7 does!

It appears that the only smartphone operating system to increase in market share in this 2 month period was Blackberry OS. RIM’s smartphone OS increased from 22% to 23%, although the 1% increase does not really change anything as they still sit in 3rd place. Brian Moore of Examiner, believes that the growth gap between Android and iOS may be over. The difference remains at 10%.

Lets remember that this is a decrease in smartphone market share, tablets are not included. Where Android and iOS have slipped in smartphone sales they have most probably made up in tablet sales. Both have recently released major tabs like the iPad 2 and HTC Flyer, which will most definitely boost their overall dominance in the OS market.