Sony PSN, Lessons Learned From Microsoft Hacker

The majority of you will know that Sony’s PlayStation Secure Network went down on April 20th and it wasn’t until 2 or so weeks later that the service finally started to resume. With many feeling disappointed and angry by the outage and the way in which Sony handled the entire situation, it has left many gamers wondering whether the PSN could indeed be hacked again and what provisions will be put in place to deal with such an attack.

Over the past few weeks we gave you news when the service finally started to be restored, as well as news of a new iPhone app which could in the future let you know when the service is on or offline. Along with this, we have asked whether Sony’s brand will now be tarnished with future devices such as the PS4 or NGP and so on. During the outage, many of you lost faith in Sony and felt the need to turn to Microsoft to get your gaming fix, but just over a week ago, their service fell into the wrong hands, that of another hacker, coincidentally a 14-year old youngster from Dublin, Ireland.

As reported, the aim of the attack was to source the online server that provides Modern Warfare 2, but unlike Sony, Microsoft were quick to stop any account holders’ personal information being accessed. Presumably you may be wondering why one company could quickly step into action whilst it took the other, that of Sony a good week to actually announce details of the outage and that credit card information was possibly affected.

Interestingly enough, following on from this during a speech held at the Bank of Ireland Business Week, Microsoft amongst other topics of discussion were quick to announce that they had began to work alongside the 14-year old hacker. Their intention was to use as they said “his talent” to their advantage. Its certainly worth food for thought? Perhaps Sony would do well to learn from this.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft using a hacker to protect their future service? Have you lost trust in Sony? Will future devices such as the PS4, NGP, S1 and S2 be affected? We asked the other day whether the arrival of the PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles were needed now, is it the right time?

  • SoundableObject

    This story is a lie, Microsoft are not working with a hacker.

  • Paul Smithy

    Microsoft did announce that they would be working with hackers as most hackers are lawful people that use hacking for lawful reasons.

  • Anonymous

    There is a guy (cant remember his name) that is hacking XBL accounts. He does it to prove it can be done to persuade MS to give him a job there and only then will he show them how to close the loophole but as of yet they haven’t hired him. He is not hacking normal users accounts, just those of peope who work at MS (i.e. Major Nelson) and he does give the account back! As I said, he’s just doing it to draw attention that XBL can be hacked and he wants MS to hire him!