Samsung Galaxy S2 Surpasses 1 Million Korean Record

As we approach the start of June, the interest for Samsung’s Galaxy S2 is reaching an all time high, and with 3 million pre-orders already been processed, its no surprise to hear that its breaking records in some countries. The latest being that of Korea.

Back at the start of this month, we reported that the big tech company were hoping to succeed a yearly figure of 10 million units, judging by the interest, this is more than achievable. According to, in Korea, over 1 million handsets alone have been sold from the 29th April when the S2 was officially released.

From the date directly above, the S2 sold 100,000 in just 3 days, 200,000 in 8 days and after 2 weeks, some 500,000 had been unleashed. Let’s just hope that Samsung has allowed for the onslaught and have enough units to go around!

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Let us know whether you have pre-ordered your Galaxy S2 and from where?

  • Anonymous

    Samsung and Apple are running neck to neck and making new records. First it was Apple who made record sales of its iPad 2 and now it is Samsung who has made a record for the pre-order of the Galaxy S2. Lets see who wins the race of records.