IDAPT i4 Charge Up To 4 Devices At Once: Hands-On

Back in February we brought you news about a new charging station by the name of Idapt i2+ allowing you to charge up to three devices at any one time. The idea, something of which was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, was to stop the burden of trying to charge one device at any given time with the tangled mess of wires. Today we have learnt of a new Idapt i4, yes you’ve guessed it, charging four devices.

You see from the pictures below and a specs listing from Slashgear, the new device fits up to four handsets. Three can sit snugly at the top with another positioned at the bottom via the USB port on the side. As with the previous Idapt i2+, the docking station allows you to charge from a list of over 4,000 devices.

To take a closer look at this newest piece of technology, Chris Burns over at Slashgear has given it a hands-on and given his results. In terms of size, the Idapt i4 weighs in at 300g and comes complete with a universal charger. It has a basic four hole set-up that allows you to charge a wide variety of devices, additionally there is the facility to connect via a USB port just like you would if connecting to your computer.

While on the whole it looks like a great idea, the fact of the matter is for all the charging ports you only get the one of each, meaning that if a number of your devices have the same style charging connection, like an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, you will only be able to use the one. Obviously if you have a port adapter then you could convert one of the other outlets.

The charging ports available are: microUSB, iPhone/iPad, Nokia 2, along with Sony Ericsson 2, Samsung 4 and miniUSB. Colors vary between the bulk standard black and white, with others such as bright yellow and orange. In terms of price, one of these will set you back $59.99 from IDAPT.

Let us know what your thoughts are on the new Idapt i4? Interested?