HTC Thunderbolt Failures: What Would You Transform?

Since the HTC Thunderbolt initially launched, it has received a mixed bag of feedback. There will no doubt be many of you who are more than pleased with your purchase but on the flip side to this, subsequent problems with the handset may have left you feeling disappointed. We are talking about the poor battery life, the handset freezing, problems with texting messages, glitches with the 3G data, inadequate audio sound and so on.

During the middle of this month we heard from our very own Tim that an update for the Thunderbolt was on its way, therefore giving vast improvements.

Despite this, the handset has impressed and just 2 days ago the guys over at Phones Review via Phone Dog reported on news of a possible HTC Thunderbolt Mini that may be coming in the future. Mention of a new CDMA device has been spotted by the name of “Mecha S,” how the assumption has been made that it may be a Thunderbolt mini? Well the name Mecha was a codename used before the Thunderbolt was officially launched and the S afterwards relates to a European release. How well it will do is obviously food for thought.

Do you think a Thunderbolt Mini has got a place within the current market? Our question to you is, if you had to change anything on the bigger Thunderbolt what would it be? Have you had any problems with your handset?

  • Anonymous

    The reviews for the phone says that it is an average phone not so good and not so bad. The Thunderbolt Mini may be a better version of the current phone.