Twitter Top 10 Trending Topics: Macho Man & Football Features

It’s that time of the week again where we report to you guys the Twitter top 10 trending topics that come courtesy of Mashable’s Matt Silverman. Last week OSM’s Matt Tran reported on the trends that saw Justin Bieber top the chart as his fans were tweeting about how much they like him in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Let’s jump into this week’s chart at Number 10 which is a sad topic for many of us that were fans of the WWF through the 80s and 90s as we lost a legend in Macho Man Randy Savage. He unfortunately had a heart attack whilst he was driving and crashed his car. Fans were tweeting about the two-time world champion remembering his career and his phrases… OOOOOH YEAAAH! In 9th position this week it’s the queen not only of Twitter but of the social media world Lady GaGa with the titles of many of her songs trending throughout the week.

Number 8 in this week’s chart goes to Kim Possible which was an old animated TV show that saw a teenage crime fighter dealing with different things each episode, fans were remembering the show and it started to trend. In 7th position this week is the NBA which dropped out from the topics last week but has returned to a very respectable position. One of the things that started to trend was about the player Sammy Sosa and how his skin has become whiter; I guess we will hear more about this soon. Check out the comparison below.

The topic hitting 6th position in this week’s chart is Towel Day/Nerd Pride Day, this is a mashup of fans who were tweeting about the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and in Latin America they have been celebrating Towel Day as Nerd Pride Day… Very strange. Moving on to 5th position we have SHINee which is a Korean band where they were celebrating their 3rd anniversary.

The 4th spot went to American Idol Finale as season 10 drew to a close. This is where the Twitter curse struck again as the contestant being tweeted about the runner up but Scott McCreery came out on top. There were also a large number of you tweeting about Beyonce who made an appearance to perform her track “1+1.”

We are now breaching the top 3 and it’s in the chart and is seemingly the most consistent subject for now although it’s likely to die down a bit after next week as the Barclay’s Premiership season has now finished. #SurvivalSunday Trended massively as there was a number of teams that were in contention to be relegated. The topic in 2nd position in the chart is Billboard Music awards that were hosted by Ken Jeong where fans of various artists including Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and the Black Eyed Peas tweeted about their appearances.

This week’s number 1 is May 21st Rapture where people suspected that the world may be ending on May 21st which it unsurprisingly didn’t, we are just waiting for the next date to be announced when the machines may take over in a Terminator style.

Well that’s it for this week, check back next week to see the next edition of the Twitter top 10 trends but for now leave your comments on the chart in the section below.