Foursquare & Sony Ericsson: UEFA Champions League Campaign

Foursquare are a social network that are classed as the champions in terms of geo-location as they have offers behind check-ins and also badges that you can earn and show off to your friends. The likes of Facebook have obviously seen the success that Foursquare has been seeing and launched its own location check-ins.

As always Foursquare has a presence at just about every big event around the world as well as being involved in different campaigns, the last ones that we reported on were to do with getting cheaper gas when you checked in with Foursquare, being able to check in to a world without Osama Bin Laden and of course the Super Bowl check ins. Now we have something new to tell you about and it’s about Foursquare and Sony Ericsson teaming up for a Champions League campaign.

We learned of this through where their author Sarah Shearman has added an article. Within it she talks about how as part of their Champions League sponsorship Sony Ericsson were giving a football fan a chance to win a range of footy prizes.

Sony Ericsson created 11 limited edition shirts and placed them in places around London that were being revealed throughout the day. The first person to reach the location and use Foursquare to check in received a prize of tickets to the game, some Uefa merchandise and a Sony Ericsson handset. There’s another competition running that they talk about on the link above so head over and have a read. You can also head over to the official Foursquare page where they are talking about their support of the Uefa Champions League.

What do you think of the promotions that Sony Ericsson is running? Let us know in the comments section below.