Facebook Photos: Statistics About Your Profile Image

Here at OSM we often write about giant social network Facebook, and recent examples have included a UK student survey, Facebook study statistics and an article about Facebook profile security. Today’s news is about Facebook Profiles and statistics about profile images in the form of an infographic.

It gives a fascinating insight into profile photos on Facebook, which contribute to Facebook having the biggest collection of photos on the web. Around 500,000 users’ profile photos were analyzed by photo app Pixable who created the infographic, brought to our attention by Sarah Kessler over on Mashable. You can see the infographic next.

As you can see around 10% of Facebook photos are profile photographs and collectively Facebook photos are set to hit 100 billion during this summer. The statistics regarding how often people upload new profile photos surprised us and we wonder if it surprised you. As one who rarely thinks to change profile photos I felt somewhat lacking to find that women on Facebook change their profile photo around once every two weeks while men do so around every three weeks.

Other statistics include the fact that a typical Facebook profile photo receives 3 likes and 2 comments although one female profile photo apparently received 157 comments. The mind boggles! We’d be interested to hear how much thought you give to your Facebook profile photo and how often you change yours? Let us have your comments on this.