Xperia Play 02 Retailer: Pick Your Black Or White Up

Sony’s Xperia Play was introduced back in February at the Mobile World Congress after a long rumor packed wait. Its showing at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, saw it wow the crowds as the first Android device to support game changing technology.

With its ability to deliver high-end smartphone capabilities for the discerning handset user, along with fully functional immersive game play experiences, it had all the credentials to be a hit.

Cnet reported on the Play, but were less than impressed with its execution, finding it lacking in performance and packing to much around the waist to compete with the slimmer more attractive smartphones on the market.

But for those that like the idea of a phone/portable games console, with 4-inch multi-touch screen and 5MP camera, along with PSP Go style gaming, there is some good news. We may have waited a while but Engadget recently reported on the O2-exclusive, white version of the device landing on UK shores.

Although the thought was given to a June delivery, things have progressed quickly as stock is showing for the black and white option. Do not be worried into thinking that the pale model will be priced up from its black counterpart, as both come out at £430 on a pre-pay plan. If you want to stump up the £34 per month on a 24 month contract then you will be able to secure your Xperia Play for free.

Added to this O2 is offering a color coded multimedia dock and a trio of games to help secure the deal. With the Android 2.3.3 update released for the Xperia Play, O2 have overcome software concerns allowing them to bring out the new device. Tell us if you signed up for an Xperia Play and if so was it the white or black that caught your eye?