UK Student Survey: Facebook More Important Than Sex

Facebook is by far the largest of the social networks in the world and recently we have added a few reports that you might be interested in reading. We found an animated comedy clip where Facebook got a roasting, we found some stats around people in their 20s and their Facebook friends as well as the number of profanities found on Facebook pages.

Now we have something new to tell you about that we learned of through’s Jackie Cohen and it’s about a survey that was conducted where UK students seem to think that Facebook is more important than sex!

The total number of students that were surveyed was 2,818 and they found that there was 1% people that value Facebook more than sex. They also included the fact that 24% of the surveyed students said that their cell phone was the most important thing in their lives. For some this is understandable if they have moved away for their studies for example.

Personally I know that my younger sister values her mobile phone to keep in touch with the family as she is on the other side of the country. You can check out the rest of the study on this link to

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