T-Mobile LG G2X Higher Price Adjustment: Wise?

The battle for smartphone supremacy rages on with handsets such as the Galaxy S2, iPhone 4/5, HTC Sensation/EVO 3D, Sharp Aquos SH-12C, Motorola Droid Bionic and so on. But news about the LG G2X running on T-Mobile’s network is somewhat confusing.

A phone which we have talked about on numerous occasions was reported yesterday to have been taken off line due to subsequent quality problems such as the handset freezing, this is something that T-Mobile have put their hands up to. Later on as Tim here at OSM reported, it seemed the reason was somewhat different, the handset was in such demand that they were struggling to keep up. We then questioned whether this would pave the way for others to edge past?

Just a few hours later, the news has changed yet again. Slashgear has reported just this morning that due to the G2X’s high popularity, T-Mobile are in the process of upping the price. A good move, not sure? From today, customers will note an increase which was initially seen via an internal memo (below), the new price now being $299 on a two year contract, but with a mail-in rebate the price drops to $249.

One other piece of news that we need to share with you, is that of the G2X’s OS being changed over to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, although as Electronista.com reported, no official time frame has been announced.

What are your thoughts on the new G2X price? A wise move or not? Have you already experienced any problems such as freezing, rebooting with your handset? Let us know