HTC Sensation O2 Release: Inside Tip Off Says June 20th

With Vodafone still currently holding the exclusivity rights to HTC’s Sensation smartphone, customers from all of the other big UK networks will surely be wondering when they will get their hands on that magic piece of mobile.

Thanks to a tip off reported by Cnet, we may at least have the release date for the Sensation on O2. Monday 20th of June is the possible date that the smartphone could hit shelves, thanks to a heads up from an existing O2 customer who is claiming that a member of staff from the upgrade department gave that date.

The O2 member of staff must have let the date slip by mistake as the company is normally very secretive over release dates of new products. Normally when quizzed on Twitter for example, the staff normally reply that their is no official release date as of yet, but we all know better than that! If this is to be believed we expect to see tariffs on O2’s website a week before, on the 13th June.

Technology Gatherer has referred to O2’s statement on the Sensation, where it is claimed that the handset will launch in the early parts of June. The 20th is in the latter stages so it is still not entirely clear how accurate the tip off is. It could have been a red herring, who knows? Leave us your thoughts on the tip off and if you will be buying HTC’s Sensational new smartphone when it launches.