HTC Abolish Bootloader Policy: Smartphone Fans Rejoice

Recently we reported that HTC were going to add in a policy to lock the bootloader of their phones and it really disappointed people. One of the great things about the HTC phones with the Android OS is that people can tinker with it because it is open; fans took to Facebook and voiced their opinions.

It would seem that HTC were listening to the users unlike some other manufacturers and were reconsidering the policy that they were thinking of using and now we have some news for you. HTC has abolished the bootloader policy for their smartphones to the rejoice of the fans.

This is a great move by HTC as they might have just won some extra customer loyalty as it shows that if a hasty decision is made on their part they are prepared to admit they are wrong… This is a great trait to have for a business as many don’t take into account how users will react. I guess this is another great example of social networking being used in the market place; if Facebook wasn’t in place and HTC weren’t on there then they probably would have just gone ahead with the policy.

At the time of writing this article the post that HTC added to their Facebook page has 5,837 Likes and more than 1,700 comments pretty much all saying thank you HTC or well done HTC. Do you think this is a good move by them?

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