Galaxy S2 Itching For Its Arrival: Your Comments Please

Over some time now, we have been reporting on the new edition to Samsung’s range, that of the new Galaxy S2. If we look back at last year’s interest with its predecessor the Galaxy S, its no surprise to learn that the S2 is gaining a fair amount of attention. Although not officially released in the US yet, we have given you news of its arrival in the UK, India and Australia with no doubt many others to follow.

With the weekend fast approaching and the decision of what phone to buy, we wanted to ask your thoughts on the new Galaxy S2? Check out the embedded video below to give you an idea of what to expect. Understandingly we have had quite a lot of comments from our readers, but we wanted to get an overall consensus of opinions.

It would be virtually impossible to list all the news that we have brought you as we wouldn’t know where to start, but we can give you an basic idea of specs, comparisons between the Galaxy S2 and other rivals, price, retailers, accessories, overclocking it and so on with the help of the specific links.

Please leave us your comments as to whether you have pre-ordered your new Samsung or are hoping to? What really swayed your decision? Are you in the US waiting for that official release date?

  • sarkis kotelyan

    In the u.s. and waiting for galaxy s2 because I suspect the bionic will be launched conveniently after the unlimited plan is dropped. hopefully I’ll have an s2 (3g but still unlimited).

  • shane

    i might give up the wait and go with the evo 3d, tired of waiting for it plus theres no end in sight.

    @sarkis kotelyan
    i dont think its the bionic anymore, they ditched that for a different phone. i forget the name

  • Anonymous

    It appears as though the S2 won’t be released in the US until the Fall. It also appears that the S3 will be released before Christmas. So why would anyone waste their money on an S2 unless they wanted an “old” phone? I’m waiting for the S3 because I like it’s aluminum body.

  • E-

    So tired of waiting for this phone in the US. I’m just going to buy the HTC Sensation even though I would much rather have the GS2 but waiting till fall is too long.