Flixster Plans To Offer Cloud Service But With Your Movies

We spoke recently about how cloud based services are on the rise and how some of the big multimedia companies are doing all they can to get their own cloud up in the sky. The social movie site Flixster, are looking to bring a different dimension to the cloud, by storing your movies opposed to music.

Google and Apple recently launched their cloud based music services which lets users access their music from anywhere, we also reported that Apple are in talks with the big music labels in an attempt to kick start their “iCloud”. Flixster will have a unique advantage if they succeed in launching a cloud which allows uploaders to access their DVD collection from anywhere. Digital Trends believes that this will serve as a big advantage over rival Netflix.

The Time Warner owned company is planning to allow users to upload their current physical DVD collections, as well as still keep the social aspects like sharing and rating the movies with friends. Tech Radar thinks that this could be very big news for tablet owners as it means they will not need to sacrifice valuable and limited storage space on their devices in order to watch movies. If only there was a tablet with a disc tray…

There has however been some doubt over the possibility of the service as the question of how you would copy the movie in the first place is being raised. It has been suggested that an iTunes-style DVD-ripping interface could be used, but nothing is for certain yet. Will the cloud be able to store high quality Blu-ray movies, what will data storage and pricing be charged at? Let us know if you think Flixster will be able to launch a DVD cloud.

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    A smarter approach, would be not to rip movies, but insert the DVD, allow the service to check the assigned number (every DVD has a different one to assure its not a rented or borrowed DVD), and you will have access to the movie already stored on the server. Such a service, assuming Time Warner, could get all stuidos to sign on, would be a great way to increase DVD sales and to assrue the health of that pipeline. A smarter approach would be just to allow people to enter a serial number instead of inserting each DVD.