Awesome NGP Specs Downgrading: Cost A Contributing Factor

For all of you looking forward to the power that we learned of about the PSP2 aka the NGP we have a little bit of news that isn’t too appealing for you and you may not like so much. Still it’s something that you need to know so here goes.

We have heard that the NGP specs are downgrading and we suspect that cost is a contributing factor in Sony’s decision to do this. Also the ability to be able to compete in the market with the Nintendo 3DS will have crossed their minds.

We learned of the changes through an article over on Slashgear where they are saying that the 16GB of internal storage on the device will be scrapped and the 512MB of RAM will be reduced to 256MB. With the reduction in specs also will come a reduction in the price to the same as the Nintendo 3DS at $250.

The source used by Slashgear is Kotaku who are a well known gaming website who heard this over on a French tech site. So long as the graphical performance isn’t affected too much then this could be a good move by Sony however if it becomes a bit choppy then it’s perhaps going to be seen as a bad move. Of course this could just be a rumor so keep an eye out for any sort of confirmation.

What do you guys think? We are interested to know if you think the NGP needs those extra specs or not and also if you would be prepared to pay more for the device without any spec reduction. Let us know in the comments section below.