Amazon Launches The Mac Downloads Store

Amazon has just released its Mac Downloads Store, which will serve as a natural competitor to Apple’s Mac App Store.

The Mac Downloads Store like the App Store is a marketplace, where a wide range of applications for the Mac can be purchased. Amazon had sold software downloads in the past and now they have all been thrown into 1 big hub, where consumers can find and download them more effectively. Amazon crashed on Monday, after immense downloads on Lady Gaga’s new album, which they were offering for $0.99.

Mashable has explained the differences between the 2 stores, with the main point being that Amazon’s version is not available as a desktop application. Apple’s store has significantly more apps, with Amazon’s marketplace offering just 250, with 50 of those being games. These act as a subsection to the Mac Download Store.

A big advantage that Amazon has over Apple in terms of the apps is Microsoft’s Office for Mac 2011. Microsoft are mulling over whether to offer Office on the App Store, but they seem unwilling to pay Apple 30% of its Office for Mac revenue. Apple issued Amazon with a lawsuit back in March over the infringement of the trademark “App Store”, according to The LA Times.

The e-commerce giant had just launched their “Appstore for Android”, this is on top of the running legal battle Apple has with Samsung. Will Amazon make a success of their App Stores, despite some of the troubles that are ahead.