T3 Gadget Awards 2011: Android V Apple- The Winner?

Gadget website T3 is once again holding its annual awards ceremony which pits the best tech against each other. There is no guessing that the big battle is going to be between Android and Apple.

Tech Radar who are also helping judge the awards has reported that T3 has included new categories and awards for this year which include best Tablet and best gadget accessory . There is also an opportunity to win prizes, with the big one being a top of the range Samsung Smart TV. Voting is now open so make sure your gadget wins the award as well as being in with a chance of scooping a free prize. You can vote and see a list of all the categories and nominations by following the link.

So who will win the massive clash between Google and Apple? Android has been the biggest success of the last year and has left iOS in a cloud of dust in some categories. There are more Android smartphones in the US now than iOS devices, as well as the prediction that by 2012 they will own half of the smartphone market! Google are set to announce NFC for Android today!

It is such as hard one to call as Apple dominate the tablet market with the iPad, but Android are catching up with new tabs like the HTC Flyer. I think that Android is winning the battle in terms of sales, but iOS is the more popular operating system. We want to hear from thoughts on this, so tell us which OS you prefer in the comments.