Sony PSN Status App for iPhone: Offline or Online

The recent hacking and subsequent outage of the Sony PlayStation network has been well-documented both during and following the incident. One of the most annoying things for many avid gamers during the outage was continuously checking to see if it was back online and now we hear news of a Sony PSN Status app for iPhone which will simply and quickly give you that information.

Earlier today OSM’s Maddy Rowe told about the PSN free identity theft protection and also recently we showed an infographic displaying the estimated financial damage to Sony for the PSN outage. Although it’s a shame the app wasn’t around a month ago, people involved in the outage may have lost a certain amount of confidence in the PSN and there are of course, concerns that it could happen again so better now than never.

The app has one feature only and that is simply to show whether the PSN is offline or online and the good news is that the Sony PSN Status app is free and of course available through the Apple App Store. News of the app came to us from Eli Hodapp over on TouchArcade who also gives details of another app, which emulates early Xbox 360’s so check out the link for more. The new iPhone app is also reported on by Killian Bell over on Cult of Mac who tells us that users don’t even need to log in with PSN details to use the app, but simply just tap the screen to see the present PSN status.

What are your thoughts on this free status app and will you be downloading it? How much do you wish it had been available before? Why not let us know with your comments.