Project Kal-El: NVIDIA’s Super Chip For Tablets & Smartphones

If you were in the market for a new tablet PC what do you look for? I guess it really depends on what your needs are doesn’t it… If you are looking for something that has an impressive screen, is ultra light-weight and stylish then perhaps the Apple iPad 2 fits your needs. On the other hand Android based devices are running riot in the market and business users will be looking to the BlackBerry PlayBook for their needs.

Something that all of these devices have as does every smartphone and just about every other device you lay your eyes on is a processor. Smartphones are now reaching dual-core processing as are tablet PCs but something that hasn’t been talked about too much is made by NVIDIA and its called Project Kal-El; it’s a quad-core super chip that’s designed to be used in tablets and smartphones.

There are so many advantages to running a device with more cores some of which we explained in a previous article when Project Kal-El was first announced at MWC 2011 which you can have a read of but there’s something else that it will be great for… Gaming! This super chip from NVIDIA we think will completely change the way developers look at games on mobile devices and it will simply hand them a whole lot more to use.

Over on Engadget their author has posted an article talking about how Madfinger has announced that there’s to be a new Shadowgun game with Tegra 2 and multi-core support (Project Kal-El). So far they haven’t announced any pricing around the game but have added a press release to their official website along with some nice screenshots.

What do you think of Project Kal-El? Is it the future of gaming on Android smartphones and tablet PCs? Let us know in the comments section below.