Morgan Stanley Join Social Media Race: Paving The Way

In the past we have covered how social media is now being used by many organisations including hospitals, the police force, charities, independent companies trying to promote their beloved brands and so on. Today joining the ever increasing number is that of financial advisers Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.

With the help of social networking sites LinkedIn and Twitter, the new idea is to market the company as well as reaching out to new and existing customers. According to Mashable, it has taken the global organisation some time to join the social media trend due to strict rules stopping them from partaking in such an activity.

Now with new ideas on the horizon and some 600 members of staff being able to use the sites towards the end of next month, another of Morgan Stanley’s 17,800 brokers are set to join them sometime after. As reported, another addition may be that of Facebook. Although it is still not known as to how much social media and its impact will have on the business, the financial company are willing to see who re-tweets from their posts on Twitter, as well as introductions and feedback from associates which will prove an invaluable exercise.

In order to abide by the regulations, the firm will now be provided with software by Socialware.

What are your thoughts on social media being used in this way? Are you part of Morgan Stanley’s organisation?