Is Cinema 3D Starting To Fail? Back To 2D

For the past few years we have seen movie after movie roll in and out of our cinemas, but is it starting to lose its novelty?

Just go down to your local theater and look at the films on offer and you will notice over half are in 3D. Is this because of the demand for 3D on our movies, or so that film studios and cinemas can slap an extra few founds onto the ticket price? On evidence i would say it was the latter, as 3D is really not as special now as it was.

Some cinemas have reported a slight fall in their 3D ticket sales, with the newest release of Pirates of the Caribbean being an example, according to reports from Tech Radar. There was a low 3D to 2D ticket sale ratio for Captain Jack Sparrow and co, but on average 3D films still draw in the larger crowds with a 34% increase overall.

You would expect one of the biggest films of the year to be packed out by 3D punters, so this small decline could be the start of a big one. I have thrown my money at 3D for the last 2 years and for the first time, opted for 2D with Pirates. I am becoming tired of large parts of a 3D films being shot in 2D with occasional depth between characters and nothing more. Animated films look better in 3D, and so Cinema Blend has recommended Kung Fu Panda 2, although the same can not be said for Pirates and Thor, as good as they were.

Avatar laid down the benchmark for proper cinematic 3D and nothing since has really had a wow factor. Cinema 3D feels like an obligation when any big movie comes out, but it is looking like some movie fans will slowly start converting back to 2D. At the moment it seems the only way 3D is going upwards is in price. If you plan to check out the awesome looking Transformers 3 in 3D, then you may want to add a bit of fun and wear a cine-mask! What is your opinion on the 3D we are shown in the local cinemas? Let us know if you are satisfied and will continue to spend your money on it, or if you want change.

  • Hanspeter Aliesch

    And it’s going on forever – the discussion about 3D or not. Remember: The vinil-record. It took 10 year that the CD was accepted. 3D opens a new world and 2D looks very, very old fashion if you compare the 2D version with the 3D version. muviag