G2X Unavailable Due To Demand: Samsung Galaxy S2 It Is Then

When it comes to the world of smartphones there are quite a few out there that are looking to make a decent impression on the market. One of them that had hoped to do that is LG with the G2X however we are hearing of a few problems.

We have just read an article over on Phandroid by Quentyn Kennemer where he is informing us that it’s due to the high demand for the handset that has been popular with customers and also with employees. So if the LG G2X is unavailable due to the demand then Samsung Galaxy S2 it is then wouldn’t you say?

There are other theories about the device such as issues around it randomly rebooting, freezing being amongst them. The rumors were further fueled that it was in fact due to the problems with the actual device when the G2X was pulled from the T-Mobile online store and was nowhere to be seen in the shops. The guys over at TmoNews contacted T-Mobile and they have replied with a message on Twitter explaining that it is in fact due to the high demand that the device is currently unavailable.

Personally I would probably still go with the Samsung Galaxy S2 as it so popular amongst consumers and is perhaps one of the few devices that can stand up to the hype of the new Apple device that’s release is getting closer by the day.

What do you think, has T-Mobile pulled the device or is it genuinely out of stock? Will you now buy the Samsung Galaxy S2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.