Blockbuster App (Widevine Error): Rooted Device To Blame

It seems nowadays that gadget lovers are looking to try something different with their devices, the road that many choose to go down is rooting. We have brought you news in the past on a number of devices that we have seen this happen to like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Nook Color e-reader.

If you have decided to try this with your device one thing that you may not have thought about is whether or not any official apps will still work, we have already seen how Google Movies had been blocked and now we have news that the Android Blockbuster app has as well.

According to a recent post from Ubergizmo rooted Android users have been reporting that they have been experiencing problems with the Blockbuster app, when starting to run the app users are met with a warning message that says “Widevine Error,TamperDetected: Device detected as rooted. This device will not be able to download or playback Widevine encrypted content”.

As Widevine is owned by Google it would seem that the company may not be too happy anymore allowing their devices to be liberated of the constraints that they have put on it, could we possibly be seeing the start of a crackdown on rooted users?

Of course if you do own a rooted device and did have your heart set on using this app you shouldn’t worry too much, we saw the trouble that faced Netflix users when they wanted to use the app on their rooted devices, now according to Redmondpie they have discovered a workaround.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think every app will eventually end up blocked to rooted users?

Let us know your thoughts below