Apple iPad 2 Problem Discovered: Death Grip Antennagate Returns

When we think of Apple products certain words filter into our minds, sleek looking devices, high quality, a bit pricey and of course they are extremely popular. One problem that has certainly been an unwanted feature of the Apple iPhone 4 is the Death Grip aka Antennagate, this is an issue when you hold your phone as you would normally and you lose signal and WiFi connection.

Since the release of the iPhone 4 and the mass of people with this problem Apple gave out free bumpers that you had to get via an app from the Apple store which appeared to fix the problem. Now we are hearing that the Apple iPad 2 has discovered a similar problem, it’s the return of the Death Grip Antennagate scandal!

We learned of this through an article over on RedmondPie by Oliver Haslam where he is talking about the problem and says that when you hold the Apple tablet in a specific way with your hand covering a corner near the speaker the WiFi signal drops to two bars or in some cases that are being reported here to nothing at all.

Normally you would simply say “hold it in a different way!” but if you check out the demonstration video at the bottom of the article. This is pretty significant if you think of the way you hold the device in landscape mode with your left hand on the bottom left hand corner.

Readers with the Apple iPad 2 test this out for yourself and post the result in the comments section below. We are intrigued to know just how bad this is.