Zynga IPO Filing Imminent: Will Trump LinkedIn

We recently told how LinkedIn, the social network aimed at professionals, had undertaken its IPO (initial public offering) and was worth $8.9 billion after the first day of trading as a public company. Now it appears that social gaming specialist Zynga is also heading for an IPO and will certainly trump LinkedIn when it happens.

Back in February we told how Zynga was looking to grow with a $250 million investment and now sources say the company is ready to file for an IPO with the Securities & Exchange Commission within the next week or so. It’s apparent from other recent successful IPO’s for Internet companies that there’s a lot of interest right now from investors for Web 2.0 firms. We have already told how Facebook is heading for an IPO and apparently so too are Groupon, the daily deals website.

According to Kara Swisher over on All Things D, after the last round of funding for Zynga it was valued at $10 billion so Zynga is ahead of LinkedIn before it even goes public and is likely to achieve a higher price in an iPO. Zynga hit major success with games such as Mafia Wars, FarmVille and its successor CityVille distributed through the Facebook platform, and now claims to have 250 million active gamers playing every month. The company also expanded its workforce drastically last year, taking on another 800 employees and now has 1,500 staff across 6 countries.

Previously we told how Mark Pincus, CEO and founder of Zynga was included in the Forbes Billionaires list and this move will no doubt add much to his personal fortune. Zynga has not commented so far on plans for the IPO. What are your thoughts on the huge figures involved for recent IPO’S? Let us know with your comments.