Well Known Online Brands: Social Media Helped But How?

For some time here at OSM, we have spoken about how social media can help or even at times hinder a company and its brand. When we talk about social media, we are in fact looking at how businesses can achieve a greater customer base and sales revenue with the help of online sites such as Facebook. In the past, we have looked at various organisations that have taken social media onboard, take charities, banks, brands such as Nestle or tissue company Kleenex and movies such as Toy Story 3.

Today Dave Kerpen at Mashable and coincidentally CEO of a social media agency, has written an interesting article in how online brands, many of which you will recognise, have used social media and the ways in which it has worked for them including some good tips.

With some 8 brands that Mashable have listed, we have just picked two just to give you a little taster, and on this note we will start with the Pampered Chef. When the company first launched back in 1980, the main aim was to set up parties within the home and sell the products. As time went on the brand became increasingly popular, and now as we live in an age with the internet at our fingers, Facebook became one of the big communication tools. Within 24 hours of the official Facebook page being shown to a huge conference of attendees, it began to see user numbers grow.

From what started off with 10,000 “Liking” the company transpired to over 260,000 “likes.” Advice as to how to achieve this: Ask those closest to your company such as partners, friends, staff and so on to “Like” the page.

Moving onto the second of our brands, that of Oreo. The worldwide branded name still appeals to a massive audience of people, how? Oreo have managed to engage their customers with pictures, links and as Mashable reported, a “World’s Fan of the Week.” Their advice: To provide clear up to date pictures for fans with the idea of the photos being “shared” out amongst friends.

What are your thoughts on social media being used in this way? Is this the future for online brands?