Wayne Rooney Has Red Beats By Dre: UK Version Comes In June

At OSM we have reported on a few different types of headphones that have been backed and marketed by some of the biggest stars from the rap and hip-hop scene. We have seen the Signeo headphones with Ludacris, the Justin Bieber flavored Monster Beats and also the Sleek new headset with 50 Cent.

Whilst the deal between 50 Cent and the can makers he was partnered up with has gone sour others will be looking to take advantage of it. The Beats by Dre are no different in that respect and it seems that there’s a set being released with many different stars behind them which is a clever move. Now we have seen Manchester United star Wayne Rooney with red Beats by Dre and we are hearing that the UK version comes in June!

For anyone with an interest in decent sounds and football then you might have noticed in the image below the fact that Rooney is sporting the red Beats when he was lifting the Barclay’s Premier League trophy and thought… “hang on a minute, I haven’t seen those before.” We were joined in the surprise by Pocket-lint’s Rik Henderson who has added his own report where he says they are available at £279 which might put a considerable dent in your wallet.

We checked out beatsbydre.com where we found them priced at $229 as well as a link to Amazon where they seem to be going for $177.74 which is a fraction of the price so make sure you check out the section on Dre’s site about counterfeit goods. The stunning headphones have become quite a favorite for many footballers in the UK and do you think Wayne Rooney would have them in any other color… Blue perhaps? Joking aside these are indeed red and will be hitting the shops in June so keep an eye out if these are the ones for you.

What do you think of the Beats by Dre in red? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • J.R

    I like the red ones, but i wish they were a little more unique.. maybe put the manchester united logo on them…i came across this really cool site that gives news about fashionable headphones, http://www.celebheadphones.com

  • dexter

    THESE HEADPHONES ARNT EVEN GOOD, they are made by monster who make cables not headphones and they fall apart and break so much i work in an electronic store at we get returns on them for breaking weekly, they also leak sound as much as a speaker would and the high tones are rubbish

    if you want good headphones buy them from a company that spends money on sound research like Bose or Sure, no one who spends its research money on celebrity endorsements and probably gives out free pairs of these headphones to football players to create hype