Twitter Charity “Missing People” Helped By Beckhams

Online social networking site Twitter is getting behind the fight against missing children, in a charity appeal supported by the likes of Victoria Beckham. Every year thousands of youngsters go missing for whatever reason and end up leaving family and friends wondering where they are and of course if they are safe. Today many of us may not be aware, that it is actually International Missing Children’s Day. In the news just recently, we were reminded that the McCann family are still fighting to find out the whereabouts of their missing daughter Madeleine.

With the backing of one of the biggest online social networking sites, it is hoped that the new campaign running today until midnight will be acknowledged giving those left behind some hope. The charity “Missing People” will be sending out a tweet every 30 minutes for a period of 24 hours, as we say it will stop at midnight.

According to, in total some 48 missing youngsters will be included within the tweets, all varying in ages and from different locations.

One of the children mentioned in the tweets, will be that of Elizabeth Ogungbayibi who at the time of going missing, was just 5 years old. She disappeared in September 2006 after seeing relatives in Bradford. She has never been found, and this is just one case of the 48.

Should social media sites such as Twitter and perhaps Facebook be used on a regular basis to promote such a charity and what it stands for? Let us know what you think. Click here for more information.