Teachers Monitoring Student’s Facebook Accounts – Good Or Bad?

When you think about some of the stupid things that people have done on Facebook and been caught you might think that others would get the message and not imitate the same stupidity on their own pages. Wrong, it’s happening everywhere all the time. Only earlier today OSM’s Mike Smith added a report about a teacher losing their tenure because of inappropriate Facebook posts.

He isn’t the first to be caught out, we have also reported on teachers badmouthing their students on the popular social network as well as mocking their hairstyles. But have you ever wondered how students get caught out? Surely it has to be brought to the schools attention somehow doesn’t it? Well we have just read a report over on facecrooks.com that informs us that schools are getting teachers monitoring student’s Facebook accounts and we want to know if you think that’s good or bad.

Some schools are actually setting up monitoring teams whose main purpose is to sieve through student’s Facebook accounts for any activities that may be perceived as questionable. When you hear it first off you do think “crikey that’s a bit stalkerish isn’t it?” but schools are saying that they have the student’s best interests at heart and when you think about some of the things that young people get up to these days you almost want to keep the trawling going.

Take this “planking” for example, this is the latest craze to hit the social network although it’s not a new one, we saw it a number of months ago where it went under the name of “The Lying Down Game.” The idea of this is to be pictured lying face down with your hands by your sides in crazy places and then to share them with your friends. Schools are saying they want to be able to highlight any activity like this and try and advise against it.

There are other uses that you can think of straight away that teachers can help to tackle that include cyber bullying which is a big talking point around the world at the moment and any wrong doing whist a student is wearing the emblems of the school uniform such as underage drinking and smoking. It would seem that parents are behind this sort of scheme although we can image that students won’t be overly pleased about it but it boils down to the fact that anything you post on the Internet you should be prepared to suffer the consequences.

What do you guys think of this story? Do you think this is a good scheme being deployed by schools or is it just downright out of order? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.