T-Mobile Bobsled Free Facebook Calling: It’s NOT A Scam

One of the main focuses that we have had at OSM in recent times has been around raising the awareness of Facebook malware, scams and virus that regularly circulate on the massive social network. Today we wanted to tell you about something you shouldn’t be alarmed about if you see it popping up on your profile.

You may remember that we recently reported some kind of partnership between Facebook and T-Mobile where they would be allowing free voice chat across the massive social network. This seems like the natural progression for Facebook to take as it already does normal chat and a few other forms of communication based around typing. We want to tell you more about the T-Mobile bobsled and it’s NOT a scam!

Previously we heard about potential partnerships between Skype and Facebook and now they have been bought by Microsoft there may still be space for a deal to be made. T-Mobile will be the first do go ahead with the plans again after it was pulled after a single week in operation last month as informed by Engadget’s Donald Melanson.

The bobsled page now has a redesigned interface that is much more clearly differentiated from a Facebook owned service which is one of the problems that Facebook had previously so now things can proceed properly. If you would like to join up to the service so you can call your Facebook friends then use this link and go ahead and install the app.

What do you think of being able to speak to your Facebook friends using a voice service? Let us know in the comments section below.