Sony’s Plight Continues: Ericsson Hacked, Data Extracted

You have to feel sorry for Sony at this present time, in fact over the last few weeks. How much bad luck can one company put up with? First gamers had to suffer with the loss of Sony‘s PlayStation Secure Network which fingers crossed, has now been resumed for most people, then this week, their Greek online music service was attacked affecting some 8,500 users. Now news today has come through that Sony Ericsson’s online store in Canada has now suffered a security breach.

When will it end many of you will be wondering? Michael Lewis over at has reported that Sony‘s online store “Eshop” has now fallen into the hands of a hacker(s) who have managed to gain access to over 2,000 customer accounts from the website’s server including yes you got it, personal information. As Engadget stated, this includes names of people and email addresses, although it has been said that no credit card details have been obtained and passwords thankfully were encrypted.

What may set this apart from the Sony PSN outage, is that reports have placed the hackers as being part of a Lebanese group by the name of Idahca. They have openly said that they are responsible for the breach with contents being leaked via online sites such as the two biggies Twitter and Facebook.

Tell us your thoughts on Sony’s latest predicament? Have you lost all faith in the big electronic giants? Let us know if this has directly affected you?