Samsung Galaxy S2 New KE7 Update: But US Still Awaits Release

We’ve written literally dozens of posts about the smartphone of the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II), and although it’s still not seen a release in the U.S., other areas such as the U.K. and South Korea already have their hands on it, while India and Australia will see a release in the next week or so. For those fortunate few we have news of a new update that has become available, KE7.

The update is not the first that has been issued since the Galaxy S2 was launched and certainly shows Samsung intends to offer good support for the handset to match its impressive specs. The new firmware update, KE7 is being rolled out as we speak so it may not be available to you yet, but should be very shortly.

According to Terrence O’Brien over on Engadget, sourced from XDA Developers Forum, it may be time to get your Kies application in use and we reckon many of you will be checking your ‘system updates.’ Anticipated improvements include enhanced battery performance, improved GPS readings, better performance, updated apps and something that will please a lot of you is a fix for the bug in the camera app and improved image quality.

While this is great news for those lucky people who already have the Galaxy S2 it’s almost like a tease for those in the U.S. and other regions where the phone has not yet seen a release. Do you have a Galaxy S2 and if so what do you think of the update? Are you one of the people who want this handset in the U.S. but are still waiting? Let us know your thoughts by sending us your comments.

  • Ujwol Shrestha

    Its now available in India ..released on May 25,2011

  • iloveyaoyao2

    OMG, they released it in does countries which will probably only sell like 10,000 and not in us when they can sell 1 million… dum people

  • Ramon

    why is it taking so long to get to the U.S. ? please keep me inform on the release date and the price with an upgrade from at&t.

  • Jake

    @iloveyaoyao2 is that some kind of a racial joke…? only sell like 10k? you obviously don't know the geographic population of these countries

  • Nancy Fuentes

    I have been waiting for a nice phone for months– since December to be exact. It is a bit annoying that Samsung or the carriers aren’t giving a real release date.

  • Anonymous

    Why is the US so far down in the release queue for the GS2?

    • Quintus Murray

      if ur on verizon then you will get an even stronger version!!!!!!