Samsung Galaxy S2 India Release June 3 & Price: iPhone 4 Soon

Here at OSM we’ve written many posts about the phone of the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (or S II). In a recent comment to one of our reports we had a query from a reader in India to ask when it might be released there. There’s good news today as we have India release news for both the Samsung Galaxy S2 and also the Apple iPhone 4.

This handset has not only impressed the reviewers but has also made a big impact with consumers in the regions where it has been released so far, such as the U.K., although the U.S. has yet to see a release. The Indian unveiling for the Galaxy S2 is May 25 in Delhi, which of course is today so it may soon be time to head to the stores. Unofficial pricing for the Galaxy S2 is Rs 33500, but choices, choices, the Apple iPhone 4 is also coming to India this week. UPDATE – The Galaxy S2 has now been officially unveiled with a confirmed price of Rs 32890 so it’s cheaper than expected! The actual release date is June 3 at Vodafone stores or June 9 at other retail stores, according to AndroidOS.

According to Ankur over on iPhoneHelp, the iPhone 4 will be available through Airtel and Aircel which will be supplying unlocked versions of the smartphone and we’ll see a release on Friday, May 27. Rumored price for the iPhone for is Rs 34990 so it will be very interesting to see which of these phones gets the most sales. However although the iPhone is an iconic phone, we should remember that it’s already nearly a year old and specs wise the SGS2 is far superior.

These are both exciting handsets but which do you think will achieve most sales? Let us know by sending your comments.

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