HTC Reconsidering Locked Bootloaders Via Facebook: Good Move?

One of the things that mobile phone companies tend to do now they have access to their customer’s thoughts and feelings through social media is ask them what they want. An example of this was found back in April where Motorola asked a Facebook Question about what the users wanted to see most with an unlocked bootloader running away with the lead.

Since then we have heard that the HTC 3D may in fact have a locked bootloader which would give the Samsung Galaxy S2 a head start in the market as that is likely to turn a lot of Android users right off. Since then we have heard that HTC is reconsidering the locked bootloaders via Facebook and we want to know if you think it would be a good move or not?

We learned of this through an article by Nick T over on where he explains that one of the great things about the Google Android platform is that it’s great for tinkering as it grants developers with the code they require to customize how they please so long as none of the license restrictions are violated. However most manufacturers completely lock up the bootloader mainly because it’s a carrier requirement.

Until recently HTC was an exception to that ruling as their devices had no restrictions which is something that Android developers have been rubbing their hands together about but the announcement that this was going to stop was a bit of a bummer for everyone and people reacted to it. The reaction was that bad that HTC has now said on its Facebook page that they are “reviewing the issue and our policy around bootloaders.” We are certainly hoping that they change their minds…

What do you think about HTC reconsidering locking the bootloader? Wouldn’t it be great if they turn around and say they have abolished the policy? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.