Apple MacBooks Top Best Laptop Rankings: Consumer Reports

At OSM we’ve made no secret of our enthusiasm for Apple’s MacBooks and only recently have given some news about the new MacBook Air 2011 refresh and also details of a firmware update for the MacBook Pro. Now it seems that we have been joined in our enthusiasm for MacBooks by Consumer Reports who have placed MacBooks at the top of their best laptop rankings.

It seems that Apple MacBooks of various kinds actually came top in every related category looked at. The news comes to us from Josh Ong over on Apple Insider, sourced from The Loop. You can see the full results at Consumer Reports here, although this will require a subscription. In the small laptop category the 11-inch MacBook Air was the cream of the crop, with a score of 62/100, while a Gateway laptop was second with 52/100 and HP was next with 49/100.

In the 13-inch category Apple Macbook’s gained 5 of the top 7 slots with the MacBook Air the winner on 76 points, while the 15-inch category saw MacBooks gain 3 of the top slots. Also looking at the 17-inch category Apple still came top scoring 80 and 81 points. In fact the only category that Apple did not win was the 14-inch category and that was because Apple do not produce any 14-inch MacBooks.

We told of the many improvements to the MacBook Pro line when they were upgraded back in February and many are looking for those same improvements for the MacBook Air refresh, expected soon and we have already discussed features and price for that upgrade. We should also point out that the Consumer Reports best tablet device was also awarded to Apple last month for the iPad 2 so it really is a clean sweep for Apple.

It’s worth noting that Consumer Reports hasn’t always been so enamored by Apple Products and in fact did not endorse the iPhone 4 due to the well-documented reception issues, so no doubt Apple will be doubly-pleased at the success of it’s MacBooks and iPad in these rankings. If you want to find out more about any of the Apple MacBook range check out the Apple product pages here.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s triumph in these rankings? Do you agree with the verdicts or maybe you have other ideas. Why not let us know by sending your comments.