Amazon Fight Back At B&N With 3G Kindle For $164

The world of the eReader is certainly heating up and becoming more competitive, only yesterday we reported that Barnes & Noble are releasing their newly updated e-ink device in June with a very respectable price tag that was looking to wipe the floor with Amazon. That would have been first blow to B&N but Amazon are fighting back at them with an update of their own.

Amazon has reduced the price of the Kindle with 3G capabilities to $164 which is very competitive towards the new NOOK which comes in at $139 but doesn’t have the 3G selling point of the Kindle. At the moment eBay has the 3G model for £152 for UK users. In fact there wasn’t actually a 3G version mentioned by NOOK but they may have that as the ace card up their sleeve.

Its funny when you think that the Apple iPad was tipped to decimate this market that both of these companies Amazon and Barnes & Noble continue to find success for their eReader products don’t you think? Kudos to the pair of them for managing to get a foothold in the market with the likes of the giants Apple breathing down their necks.

We learned of the reduction through an article over on Pocket-lint where Paul Lamkin has added his take on things as well as a quote taken from Amazon about the Kindle. Personally I can’t wait to see what happens next in this war of the eReader can you?

What do you think of Amazon’s recent reduction? Has it put you off the new NOOK device? Let us know in the comments section below.