Twitter Email Notifications New Options: Rolling Out Now

Within the last two days we’ve reported on Twitter setting up a London office and also that a purchase of Tweetdeck had been finalized in a $40 million deal. Now we have more news about Twitter, this time about new options for Twitter email notifications.

The changes were announced yesterday and if you can’t see anything different on your Twitter account yet that may be because the new options are being gradually rolled out. The default setting will be that the user will automatically receive notifications but you can turn them off on your Twitter settings page, according to Stan Schroeder over on Mashable.

Previously Twitter account holders were only sent email notifications when somebody chose to follow them or direct messaged them but now notifications will also be sent to you if somebody chooses to retweet your tweet or favorites it. Notifications can also be sent if somebody replies to you or mentions you in a tweet.

We reckon this will be really useful to those who just dip into Twitter occasionally although for those who are frequent users the notifications could become annoying, which of course is why Twitter has supplied the ability to turn off the notifications. What are your thoughts on these new options for email notifications? Let us know with your comments.