Samsung Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock App: Network Freedom for Free

Here at OSM we’ve now posted countless articles about the Samsung Galaxy S2 (or S II) Android smartphone and we know just how many of you are waiting for a release in the U.S. while those in some other regions such as the U.K. and South Korea are already proud owners. Today we have news of a Galaxy S2 SIM unlock app and what’s more it’s free!

The unlock app can work on Galaxy S2’s that have been rooted meaning that you can then bypass your current operator and have the complete freedom of using your smartphone on any network you choose, which we reckon will satisfy an awful lot of people. The app has been developed by XDA Developers moderator Chainfire and a member, Odia, and news of the unlock app was brought to us from Ben Griffin over on Know Your Mobile.

It’s a very simple process to make use of this app, which is called the ‘Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock’, just download and run it and then it’s merely a one-click process to freedom. Unlock codes are already stored on the Galaxy S2, as they were on the original Galaxy S, and we think this is a pretty neat move on the part of Samsung. One note of caution though, if you download the app from the Android Market you should be careful not to run the app twice as this may result in a freeze. You would then not be able to unlock your Galaxy S2 even with a valid code. The advice from the developer is to be patient and “don’t keep trying it!”

Meanwhile over on Samsung Hub, an article tells about a SIM unlock method that doesn’t involve the app but we reckon the app is a much easier way of doing it and of course it’s a free. Are you intending to use the Galaxy S2 SIM unlock app? We’d be interested in finding out how you got on so why not let us know with your comments.

  • John

    Will this work on a CDMA network (verizon)?

  • Sonam

    Wait, so if I buy it on 3 years contract (lets say from Bell), i might be paying $200. If i unlock it, and switch to Rogers, wont it be illegal? I mean.. i'm only playing $200 for a baby that's worth $700~ Please answer these questions:
    -Is it illegal?
    -You said it will work on any network, so even on 1700 Band (AWS)?
    Thank You