Samsung Galaxy S2: 5 Desirable Additions

Choosing a new phone can be a confusing time, for some their minds will have already been made up, months before their contract is due to expire, but for others the choice can be baffling. Here at OSM we try to bring you the latest devices and comparisons to make the transition into new phone ownership easier.

At the moment a pair of smartphones that come up time and time again in the popularity stakes, are the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S2. Both have their fair share of followers, and preference really comes down to whether you want Android or iOS.

As Pocket-Lint discovered there are a wide range of extras to kit out your new handset. In this case we have chosen the Samsung Galaxy S2 and although just a matter of days ago we reported on 3 add-ons that had been spotted on a German website, we have carried this on by picking out 5 accessories that you can equip your new device with if Android is top of your list.

First up has to be the most popular add-on for any new phone, that’s right a case. After unwrapping your shiny handset you instantly want to protect it from harm. This is where the £15.95, Case-Mate Barely There phone case steps in, as you may have guessed from the title this shroud covers your S2 in a ultra slim cover so as not to make it too bulky.

Next up we find the Plantronics BackBeat 116 headphones, which will not only upgrade your music listening ability but also allow you to take calls on the move with the built in mic. Priced at £16.95 these ear plugs not only offer value for money, they are said to remain tangle free. Whilst we are on the subject of sound quality let’s take a look at Samsung’s Sound Station external speaker. Fitted with a Seine acoustic amplifier the device is powered by the phone meaning that there are no wires. For £39.95 this stereo speaker addition is ideal for traveling.

Obviously if you and your Galaxy are traveling then the chances are you could benefit from Samsung’s other accessory, the £34.99 car dock. With the use of a suction cup your S2 can take pride of place on your windscreen allowing it to take over the sat nav duties whilst keeping topped up by the in-car charger.

Last on our list is the very useful £24.99, Mobile-definition Link adapter, which comes as another official Samsung Galaxy S2 option. As smartphones now offer HD quality playback, the MHL adapter allows you to convert the USB port to an HDMI outlet in order to transfer data from your handset straight onto an HD TV.

So there you go, if you are thinking of signing up for Samsung’s latest Galaxy S2 then save up some money and take your pick of one of the above. Tell us which accessory you couldn’t live without?

  • sureshpeters

    hey guys, when the samsung galaxy SII gonna release in india?? and wats the price will be?