New NOOK E-Ink Touchscreen: B&N Wiping The Floor With Amazon

When you look around at the tablet PC market and the functionality that is becoming available you have to just double check and think about what your target audience wants. One of the things that many people use them for because of their light weight and impressive durability is reading books and webpages.

There’s a device that has been developed especially for reading books and there are two manufacturers that are competing to be the top dog in their line, they both make eReaders and the manufacturers are Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Amazon is doing pretty well with their Kindle line but it’s Barnes & Noble that are doing particularly well. Now we have a new NOOK –E-Ink Touchscreen device from B&N that is looking to wipe the floor with Amazon.

B&N has seen particular success with the NOOK and the NOOK Color but their new device is looking rather tasty as well. We first learned about it through an article over on CrunchGear where they are reporting from the Barnes & Noble New York event.

The tiny creation features a 6-inch Pearl E-Ink screen and we have just found over on Engadget that they have managed to get a quick hands-on with the device. They say that it’s quite a bit smaller that it’s previous model and has a nice back to it that sits comfortably in your hand. If you want to get your hands on one then you can pre-order yours now from the official Barnes & Noble website on this link for $139 (WiFi) and there’s currently no sign of a 3G version yet. You can also check out it’s features on this link… A 2 month battery life, wow.

What do you think of the new NOOK E-Ink reader? Will you be picking one of these guys up? What do you think the XDA community is thinking right now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.