New Android, iPhone & iPad 2 App: GTA Style – 9mm

So far we have seen quite a few apps flying into both the Android Market and the Apple app store such as Angry Birds Rio and a few others that feature in our 10 Best Apple iPad 2 Apps and also that Android will overtake Apple in terms of the number of apps in their stores.

Of all the apps that we have seen at OSM for both Android and the iOS this is perhaps graphically the most impressive one so far. This is the new App for Android devices, iPad 2 and iPhones with a GTA style, it’s called 9mm. It has all the essence of Grand Theft Auto but in a pocket sized mobile game, pretty impressive.

We learned of it through an article over on Gizmodo where the author says that the aim of the game is pretty much stealing cars, drugs and shooting. The app is made by Gameloft and we are with the guys at Gizmodo when they say that the expected price of the app will be around the $5 marker but that is one of the finer details that are yet to be released. You can also head over to Phandroid where Quentyn Kennemer has added his take on things.

Now we would like you to head to the bottom of the article and watch a video of the game but we will warn you straight away that it has some foul language in it. Would you like to have a game like this on your mobile phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.