Foursquare and Groupon Integration: A Good Move?

We often write about Foursquare, the location-based social network and only yesterday wrote about Glenn Beck’s competition to daily deals site Groupon, MarkDown. Now we have news that Foursquare and Groupon may integrate in a move that seems to make a certain amount of sense.

Groupon has become a hugely popular deals site and is now a company worth multi-billions, largely from notifying users of deals via email. It seems though, that the future of the company is felt to lay with Groupon Now, a mobile app that gives users the capability to find deals in a certain location and allows businesses to choose the time for deals, to fit in with their slowest times. Such is the company’s faith in Groupon Now that it’s referred to internally as Groupon 2.0, according to Ben Parr over on Mashable, sourced from All Things D.

It would appear that talks are now taking place that might enable Groupon to place daily deals within Foursquare’s app, which could be a logical move on the face of it and bring the scale and scope of Groupon to Foursquare deals. Just yesterday we also reported that Groupon had teamed up with Loopt in a similar way. Groupon now has 85 million users, the vast majority of whom receive email notifications so making use of Foursquare’s mobile app, which has 9 million users, would help them extend further into the mobile market.

Initially this certainly seems to be a win-win situation with Foursquare having access to more and better deals, and Groupon gaining mobile engagement. Whether the talks between Groupon and Foursquare will eventually lead to a partnership or even an acquisition remains to be seen but what are your thoughts on this possible move. Let us know with your comments.