Facebook Stats: The Average UK 22-Year Old Has 1,000 Friends

When you think about Facebook and its many great uses for its 500 million+ users that are signed up to its services you have to start to wonder about stats. A recent report pulled in and collated data around the number of profanities that we are seeing spanning across people’s Facebook pages. Now we have an interesting one to tell you about.

We have read a report over on allfacebook.com that says the average UK 22 year-old has 1,000 friends on Facebook. Apparently this is 50 times more than the average 50 year-old but this doesn’t really come as a surprise to us as people in their 20s were brought up with technology and the rise of social networking.

Other stats from socialtimes.com included younger teenagers from 13-16 years of age have an average of 450 social network friends with the girls being slightly more popular than the girls. People in their 30s have an average of 100-200 Facebook friends whilst 40 year olds have an average of 50-100. Then we get to the over 50s where they generally have fewer than 20 Facebook friends.

These stats follow half of the UK having a presence on Facebook but this is more than likely down to the way that people of different age groups adapt to the use of technology including social networking.

Do these stats surprise you or are they what you expected? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mitch.powell Mitch Powell

    “…with the girls being slightly more popular than the girls” ?