Dell New XPS 15z Laptop Official: MacBook Pro Similarities

For a while now if you were in the market for an ultra-slim laptop/notebook then Apple pretty much had the bases covered. But after an underground stirring from Dell and the main man himself Michael Dell, it seems that there is a new kid on the block.

Now while as Engadget reports, Dell have battled to bring us a slim device, it has suffered areas of disappointment in previous models. Whether they were too expensive or lacking in performance and battery power the company hasn’t got it quite right.

Well with the official introduction of the new XPS 15z notebook, Dell promises to deliver a laptop without compromise. The 15-inch unit is said to be a fresh beginning of stylish design with build quality and construction giving a nod to previous models such as the Dell Adamo.

With an aluminum casing outside and magnesium alloy inside, the XPS 15z opens up to reveal its keyboard with enlarged trackpad which bears more than a passing resemblance to Apple’s own MacBook Pro. Size-wise the Dell losses out to the Pro, but only just, measuring 0.97-inches to the svelte 0.95-inch Apple.

Spec sees the XPS 15z offering slot-loading DVD with the addition of HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, eSATA along with twin 3.0 USB outlets. Again referring back to the MacBook, Slash Gear comment on the LED battery level indicators that show how much juice is left from your 8 hour battery life. Processing power will come from Intel 2011, Core i5 and Core i7 backed up with 8GB of DDR3 RAM and 750GB hard-drive.

Although the Dell XPS 15z shows similarities to the MacBook Pro, the prices are miles apart with its range starting from £899. This brings its closest competition to the doorstep of HP’s ENVY. However comments have been made that the XPS gives better quality screen, power and price, while the HP is more focused on sound from its BEATS audio internals.

As sales start today it will be interesting to see how well the Dell XPS 15z fares within the market, tell us if you will be showing more than a passing interest to the slimline Dell notebook?